Now that the majority of us are all staying in and working from home in this weird time; hoodies, sweatshirts & every cosy casual layer counts right now.
Whether you're working from home or continuing your Uni studies from the comfort of your sofa, bedroom, kitchen table or wherever your new office might be! We have the brightest loungewear to add colour to your days indoors and to keep you comfy over the next few weeks staying home. 


Even better, if you care about sustainable fashion as much as we do you won't be investing in to any fast fashion with W.O.A.T. We pride ourselves on working only with 100% Organic Cotton, our full range is sourced sustainably & made right here in Britain from the highest quality fabrics.. (an even better reason to update your lounge wear today!)    


So take a scroll & click to shop the casual wear so comfy you might just not want to leave the house again.. 





Guy & Girl in Red & Grey Atlantic Sweatshirts


Girl wearing pastel blue Suffolk Quarter Zip at home


Now you know the best styles to wear from home, check out our full range of casual wear here in unisex sizes XXS - XL