The word “sustainable” is used pretty freely these days, so we think it’s important to be super clear in exactly how we use it. For us it’s about making better choices like using sustainable fabrics, responsible sourcing and producing long-lasting quality casual wear. To ensure that sustainability is continuously at the forefront of everything we do, our founder Ellie Wales made the commitment right from the very start to make sure the business was as eco-friendly as possible. Let’s take a closer look at how we’re playing our part in creating a healthier planet.
  1. Zero Waste Stock

    We hate to see any Whale Of A Time products go to waste, especially as each and every item is made from high quality, sustainable fabrics. So for that reason we created a Depop page to find homes for our seconds and samples at really great prices. All other items that don’t make it to our Depop page are donated to our chosen charity, Mind.. recycling fashion at its best!

    Whale Of A Time Clothing Basics Collection

  2. Reduce Air Miles

    We’ve worked hard to reduce our air miles by moving the majority of our manufacturing back into the UK. Our fabrics throughout the range are currently sourced and dyed both in Britain and all of our core collections are proudly manufactured in the East Midlands. This allows for a faster turnaround from design to manufacture and most importantly being able to work much quicker and closer with the brilliant factories that we work with.

    Whale Of A Time Clothing UK Manufacturers

  3. Plastic-Free Packaging

    In summer 2019 we were able to dispatch every order that left our warehouse plastic free with recyclable boxes & tissue paper, which we received a huge amount of positive feedback from and a great insight into how ethical fashion is so important to our customers. Not only is our packaging recyclable for online orders & of great quality for customers to return to us if needed, but we’ve made sure to use 100% recyclable bags at all events throughout the year too!

It’s really important to us that we do our bit to reduce waste and as a brand we’re always trying to improve wherever we can.