Whale Of A Time is a proud partner of HODL: a group of 3 Norfolk boys setting out to row 2,800 miles across the Pacific Ocean to raise donations and awareness for the charity; Ocean Cleanup. The boys begin their journey at Monterey Bay Harbour, California on the 12th June 2023, and finishing at Nawiliwili Bay, Island of Kauai, Hawaii, just 40 days later.

Who is HODL and what is their challenge?

HODL (“Hold On For Dear Life”) is a crew made up of 3 friends: Matt Siely, Cutu Surruys and Luca Feser. Bringing a variety of different skills and knowledge to the team, ranging from rowing techniques, map reading and understanding tidal states, to challenge the World Record. If successful, the crew will be the 32nd boat to have rowed from mainland USA to a Hawaiian Island, tackling unpredictable weather conditions, crossing two time zones and watching 40 sunrises. The average crossing time for all crew sizes is 62 days, however HODL aims to achieve the task in just 40 days, rowing non stop, unassisted, in the eEnergy boat.

As a Norfolk brand, Whale of a Time is proud to be supporting Matt, Cutu and Luca, and have collaborated with the team to launch a WOAT X HODL crew neck sweatshirt, where 100% of profits from sales will be donated to the charity Ocean Cleanup. 

At Whale of a Time, we are hugely sustainability conscious in all aspects of the brand. By dispatching our orders 100% plastic free with recyclable boxes and tissue paper, we are proud to contribute to the movement towards a less polluted planet, and the Ocean Cleanup’s ultimate aim: a plastic free ocean. 

Designing long lasting, slow-fashion using eco-friendly fabrics has always been at the forefront of what we do, and we are delighted to be partnered with like minded people who want to promote sustainable thinking and consumption. Our WOAT X HODL crew neck jumper is a one of a kind garment, incorporating the WOAT signature logo on the back of the navy product.

Who is The Ocean Cleanup?

The Ocean Cleanup is a world-wide non-profit organization developing technologies to completely clear the ocean of plastic, targeting the accumulation of trash in five ocean garbage patches, the largest one being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between Hawaii and California. 

The Ocean Cleanup aims to ultimately put itself out of business by not only cleaning up what has already collected in the ocean, but closing the sources of plastic pollution. This will be the largest clean up in history.

Shop the Look: Shop the WOAT X HODL crew neck, with 100% of profits from sales to be donated to the charity Ocean Cleanup. 

Donations: Head to the HODL gofundme.com page and donate as much or as little as you like. 

Awareness: Our journey takes us through the garbage patch and the rubbish will be documented for the world to see. 

Research: Rowing across the pacific and spending 60 days at sea, we are able to offer our vessel and time to collect any data that is valuable to the ocean cleanup.