We caught up with influencer Millie Woodman to talk all things fashion and lifestyle whilst in lockdown! Take a read of Millie's thoughts on our range, her favourite W.O.A.T item keeping her cosy right now and what's she's getting up to at home.


Millie Woodman in the Thornham Long Sleeve T-Shirt


'We are now into week five and is anyone else still just wearing baggy jeans and comfy jumpers like me?!
My new tee which is the Thornham T-Shirt from Whale of a Time is LIFE. It’s everything I love - cute girly colours and so comfy. Whale of a Time is a UK brand, it’s only four years old and the best thing about it is that all the products are made from sustainable and organic fabrics - mainly all 100% organic cotton. Using this cotton makes it safer for the environment, so why would they not? I think it’s fab!
With a range of different products from sweatshirts, quarter zips, short and long sleeve tees, they have it all and to be honest I can’t wait to expand on my collection! It’s the perfect, comfy & casual but cute attire for every day wear. 
I don’t think I'll know how to dress myself up again for cocktails with the girls or a date night with the boyfriend once this is all over but meanwhile Whale of a Time is getting me through chilled days & keeping me so comfy at home!


Our lockdown Q&A with Millie: 

  • What's been your lockdown hobby so far: I'm loving cooking at the moment! There is five of us living at home and I'm making new dishes using what we have in the cupboard and setting myself a challenge of not wasting anything which is going well so far.
  • What's your fave film or TV series: I'm a massive Shrek fan, I could binge watch all of them all day, every day - also a new Netflix cheesy programme is Too Hot To Handle - it's incredible! 
  • What's the one thing you couldn't live without in lockdown: My family! It's a tough time at the moment and we are all keeping each other sane, without them I would be a completely different person. 
  • What can't you wait to do when lock down is over: To be honest, I'm not massively missing anything! All I'm excited about is to be able to go to the supermarket and not feel dirty or like I'm going to get into trouble. I am also excited about giving the rest of my family and grandparents a huge hug as well!

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