More than two tonnes of clothing are bought in the UK each minute with an estimated 11 million garments going to landfill each week according to new research. This throw away mentality and over-consumption is only set to increase thanks to the proliferation of the 'fast fashion' industry and we believe these companies should be held accountable. 


At Whale Of A Time Clothing we have a conscious approach to fashion designing high-quality, classic pieces that are easy to wear and can be enjoyed for years to come..not just months!


Some companies have admitted to destroying clothing with minor errors, or clothing that is simply unsold or out of season. We think it is a terrible shame to throw away clothing that is still in a wearable condition which is why we've set up a Depop shop for our seconds, samples and ex-display items. 


The items in the shop have either been used in photo shoots or used in displays (and then fully washed), or have minor printing errors/stitching pulls that are hardly noticeable.


This is reflected in the pricing, along with a further discount as a thank you for helping eliminate unnecessary waste in the clothing industry 



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