With just one more day to go until the gates open for Badminton Horse Trials, we caught up with British rider and 2017 Under-25's Champion Will Furlong, on how his training and preparation is going so far for competing at Badminton. 

Tell us about your current horses and the one you will be taking to Badminton?

The horse that I’ll be riding at Badminton is Collien P2, otherwise know as 'Tinks' to her friends. She is a 12 year old German-bred Oldenburg mare and we've been together almost three years now and have built up a really good relationship. 


How’s prep going for Badminton?

Badminton preparations have been really positive, we've had two very successful competitions recently so I’d like to think we are on form and ready to go. In reality a lot of things have got to go right on the day for a good placing as Badminton is probably the most competitive event in the world!



Is Badminton one of your favourite competitions, if so or not – why? 

Of course, there is something really special about riding at the top level. There is a lot of history behind Badminton which I think is what makes it such a great event.


What’s your favourite part of a three-day event?

I wouldn't necessarily say I have a favourite part – hopefully it will be the winning feeling at the end!


Do you have a secret superstition before a big event?

I'm a very superstitious person, but funnily enough not in terms of preparation. I have to salute every magpie I see which can look a bit bizarre to people that don't understand. We just try and leave no stone un-turned in terms of the preparation, then at least you know you are going into the competition in the best possible shape.


What would your message be to the younger equestrian world?

There's huge longevity in the sport if you are willing to work hard, so don't panic about not being successful straight away - Sir Mark Todd is still going strong at 63!


What’s your favourite item from the W.O.A.T range and why?

The Arnoux sweatshirt is my favourite item from the range, the contrasting pastel colours on the sleeves are a lovely touch



We can't wait for another great year of exhibiting at Badminton Horse Trials this week and look forward to seeing you all! Head over to stand No. 205 on Hinnegar Way within the Country Collection Pavillion to check out our new SS19 collection. 


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